In 1998, Paolo Antonio Malfatti and AnnaMaria Zerbetta discovered a 3,000 meter piece of land in Monferrato, as a forgotten, depleted and desolate summer residence. They came to this after working in a few Italian wine companies, and with a vague plan to do it themselves, eventually scaling the land to three hectares of vineyards. The main goal was to produce great wine, affordable to all, relying on natural production and agricultural methods. Barbera, Teroldego, Cabernet Sauvignon, Müller-Thurgau, and Sauvignon Blanc now grow organically and biodynamically, side by side in the rich calcareous clay-based soils, some 200 meters above sea level. Pleased with their results so far, they carefully sort and handpick these grapes, seeking great flavor, ripe with reflections of the terroir. Natural yeasts kick start fermentations after cool macerations and gentle extractions. Sulfites are kept low. Both stainless steel and older oak barrels are used. Paolo describes it better as guidance, rather than winemaking by manipulation, fighting back against the historical damage of industrial farming and winemaking. Since the first release in 2003, there has been nothing more than healthy farming and delicious results coming from the little forgotten place on the hillside.