Leitz was originally a family-owned winery that nobody know about until Johannes Leitz, who was at that time only 21 years old, made his first vintage in 1985. His dream and vision is to make the finest terroir-driven Rieslings. Starting with only 3 hectares, Johannes has steadily been acquiring all the top vineyards including the best sites on the Rüdesheim Mountain, the Berg Schlossberg, Berg Roseneck, Berg Rottland and Berg Kaisersteinfels, all with rocky soil rich with mineral. Since his reign, the quality of wines soars and now the Leitz winery is regarded internationally and nationally as one of the best in the Rheingau.


The history of the company starts in 1868. With the acquisition of the Chateâu VAUX, close to the French city of Metz and its elaborate Vineyards alongside the river Mosel, a German sparkling wine producer arose. 50 years into its existence and after the First World War, the owners had to give residence due to French retribution claims of the Alsace-Lorraine territory. The wine-cellars are moved to Eltville in the Rheingau area, but the name “Schloss VAUX” remains. Now, Schloss Vaux is regarded as one of the finest german sparkling house producing fine pearls using only the traditional method just like in the Champagne.