In 1973, Friedrich Becker Sr. took over his father’s winery, stopped selling grapes to cooperative and start to bottle and sell his own wines. At that time, he is also a pioneer of high quality wines in the southern Pfalz and one of the first vintners to use barriques for Pinots. In fact, the terroir of Becker is very similar to Burgundy, the holy land of Pinot Noir, with its limestone and marl soil. Today his wines stand proudly among the top german Pinot Noirs and challenge the finest wines of Burgundy. His wines are already highly regarded by the German press; especially from Gault Millau, in which his top Pinot Noir was awarded the first place no less than 8 times in the last 10 years.


“We start by making wines for ourselves. Then we made too much so we have to sell some but people happen to enjoy them.”, said Volker Knipser. His words reflect perfectly the core philosophy of the Knipser winery – to produce enjoyable wines. As early as 1948, Heinz Knipser, as one of the first vintners in the region, has started to bottle and sell wines. Today the Knipser winery is highly regarded and has obtained a cult status. Their wine offers is broad and deep, from white to rose to red and from basic to middle to top wines, all are of superb quality. When you see a Knipser label, you can just buy the bottle without even thinking and 100% drinking enjoyment is always guaranteed.